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Real Estate in Calvert County

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Calvert County is located in the state of Maryland and as it is known to have one of the best standard of living statistics in the country, is becoming a popular place for people to buy their homes. Some of the best calvert county real estate is in the form of homes which are located on newly established estates or estates which are currently being developed to cater to the growing number of buyers. Among these estate properties that are appealing are those located in Holbrooke Estates, College Station, Federal Oaks and Oak Hill Farm. Each of these estates offer homes which are appealing in varied ways and are available at a variety or prices but all offer any buyer good value for money and the opportunity to buy a home which is located in a county that it well known for its friendly welcoming of newcomers to a community.

Holbrooke Estates is perhaps an ideal location for a family that doesn’t like to have to travel far to find activities which the whole family can enjoy. It is located just 5 miles from Breezy Point Beach which has half a mile of sandy beach, a fishing pier 200 foot long, a playground for children, volleyball facility and a safe netted swimming area. It also has a nice family picnic area that includes a grill in case someone gets lucky fishing. The estate has 23 lots that vary in size from ¾ to 3 acres and most have homes with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, as fireplaces, security systems and a landscaping package available.

College Station is located close to the Prince Frederick campus of the College of Southern Maryland, separated by forested fields. Planned to have 150 homes and 3 recreational areas on completion, 2 playgrounds and a sports field, 30 lots are still available for sale and are on average, one acre in size each. Being close to CSM means residents can take advantage of any concerts or other entertainment that may occur there plus of course perhaps take advantage of any courses that are offered. Residents can also use all that Prince Fredrick has to offer which includes a movie theatre, shops restaurants and a county hospital.

Federal Oaks costs a little more to buy a home in but considering that the lots are on average between 3 and 8 acres in size that can only be expected. Some of the lots have streams and some are ideal for horse owners. All the homes in this estate are two stories with gourmet kitchens and a profession landscaping as standard. At the entrance to the estate is a stone shelter underneath which is a delightful picnic area for use by the residents of the 43 homes.

Oak Hill Farm is a small estate with just 15 homes but is perhaps unique in Calvert County as they have sidewalks making it far safer for residents to walk to St. Leonard’s town centre and visit the shops and market there.